Can I use my virtual address for meetings?

At present, to keep the price of our virtual office address cheap, we do not offer the physical space for your use. This means you cannot hold meetings at your virtual address, nor can you work from it.

Rather, your address is only to be used for registering your business and for the receipt of mail, which will be forwarded to you via Royal Mail post and by email.

However, we have started consulting and scoping the requirements for hot desking, which we hope to make available to all our virtual office clients in Summer 2018.

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What’s included in a UK virtual office address?

Virtual office services are for anyone who wants a full UK registered office address for their business with mail handling services included. By investing in a virtual office address, you will receive:

  • A registered office address, which is a requirement for registering a business to trade legally in the UK
  • A mail handling service, where your post is opened, scanned and forwarded to you by email, making it ideal for international customers or if this is your preference
  • A service addresses (Directors’ addresses)

All you need to do is pay a monthly fee, from as little as £15, and you can use the virtual address selected as your own business address. Give your business the gravitas it deserves with a prestigious address.

Who uses virtual office addresses?

Virtual office addresses are a popular solution for anyone who wants a prestigious address with which to register their business and to promote to their customers.

Your office location says a lot about your business and by aligning yourself with companies, which reside in city locations, you can affect the way your business is perceived.

It is also a requirement that all businesses which seek to trade legally in the UK register with Companies House and HMRC using a UK address. Virtual addresses are most commonly used by:

    • Home based business owners who don’t want to make their home address public
    • Growing businesses seeking a more prestigious business location without high rental or purchase fees
    • International businesses moving into the UK market